Lavonne Café @ Bangalore, India

Address: Samrah Plaza, 4/2, Ground Floor St. Mark, s Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Rating: 4.5 of 5

One of the best places to have small eats, snacks, lunch or even dinner for day.

This place has a head office and pastry learning school or academy at Domlur. But this place makes all the hot food here, but serves the pastry from the main kitchen.

This place keep rotating the pastries all the time and works around the season.

The pastas and sandwiches has been wonderful to have and enjoy the same, but the pastries are amazing to die for.

The creation is different and amazing compared to the most of the places in Bangalore. It would create a different appeal to view the same.

Managed wonderfully, but the food makes a miss some time, and even the Cappuccino also makes a miss come times.

That is reason for rating.

Hope everyone enjoys the dine.

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